Ivan S Prokhanoff

Ivan S Prokhanoff, Ivn was born into a Christian family of Molokams sect. When he was a ten days child, he fainted and lay apprently lifeless. The doctor declared him dead. While the preparations for the funeral were bing carried out, surprisingly he woke up and beaten to cry. God granted him a new life for a purpose.

Birth : 17-04-1869
Death : 06-10-1935
Place : Vladikavkaz
Country : Russia
Place of Vision : Russia

Ivan was grown up with Christian values and had deep compassion for poor and suffering people. However, in his youth, he was carried away by pessimistic ideologies.

But one question-“What is the real purpose of life?” always occupied his mind. In despair, one day he wanted to ‘overcome life’ by taking his life. When he came to his room he found a paer written “Do you love Jesus Christ?” These words pierced his soul.

Ivan S Prokhanoff ministry in Russia

As he read the verses John 14:6 and Phillippians 1:21, he realized that purpose of his life is to live for Christ. He started to persuade pessimistic pupils to come into the light. “Life of Christ!” became his motto. During that time, religious preaching outside the Orthodox Church was prohibited by law in Russia.

So, he had choosen his career as a mechanical engineer to reach out to the workers in factories and elsewhere. He followed Apostle Paul to earn his living on his own while doing ministry. He worked by morning and preached during nights. He published journals and a Christian newspaper and composed more than 1000 hymns.

He made great efforts for spiritual reformation in Russia. He founded the “All Russian Evangelical Christian Union” in 1909, which sent more than 600 missionaries within 20 years. Ivan deemed suffering in his life as blessings: he fled from his countyr for his life, was under house arrest, nearly starved to death along with his family, and lost his wife.

But never he turned back. When he was imprisoned he won the souls of criminals for Christ. After being exiled by the Stalin regime, he continued to serve God from Berlin till he found his eternal rest.

Beloved, have you recognized the purpose of God in your life?

Take away from the article

Lord, help me to understand your purpose for my life and live for it. Amen!

Word of Prayer

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