Johannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg, The Bible is the great love story between God and humanity, and it needs to be heard by everyone. The scriptures are given by inspiration of God and are profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

Birth: ~1398
Death: 1468
Home Land: Germany
Place of Vision: Across the World

The grand old book has come to us because many great men and women of God sacrificed themselves in examining, copying, and translating ancient texts into modern languages. One among many such men was Johannes Gutenberg.

Johannes Gutenberg was a German blacksmith, printer, and publisher who invented the world’s first printing press in 1450. He was born in Mainz, Germany.

Johannes Gutenberg Printed bibles

He enjoyed reading the manuscripts that his parents and their wealthy friends had. He felt pity that only rich people could own books. So, he determined to develop an easy and quick way of printing. He rented a ruined building in Strausberg and experimented on several unique ideas to develop a printing press. When he ran out of money, he borrowed money from another goldsmith Joahann Fust.

Finally, he chose the Bible as the first product of his marvelous invention. In 1455, a beautiful Latin Bible was printed in two volumes, each of which had three hundred pages. However, Gutenberg didn’t make any profit from this magnanimous work, because the machine went into the possession of Joahann Fust.

Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press catalyzed the production of Bibles and the propagation of the gospel. Not only the Bible, but the machine also helped the likes of Martin Luther and John Calvin to launch the Protestant Reformation through their writings.

The printing of the Bible for the masses encouraged each believer to read God’s Word, implying that everyone is responsible for their own salvation. Gutenberg’s efforts ensured that Christianity did not end at the church door, rather made every believer’s house a training ground.

Beloved, are you making sure that God’s love story for humanity is heard by everyone?

Take away from the article

“Lord, I thank you for the Bible I own. Help me to contribute innovatively to the advancement of Your Kingdom. Amen!”

Word of Prayer

Johannes Gutenberg

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