John Knox biography

John Knox biography, John is considered the foremost leader of the Scottish Reformaion. Born in 1514 AD, he set the moral tone of the Church of Scotland and opposed the ways of the papacy. Probably influenced by early church reformers such as Patrick Hamilton and George Wishart. John joined the reformation movement to reform the Scottish church and continued the works of reformation left behind by George Wishart.

Birth: 1514
Death: 24.11.1572
Native Place : Haddington
Country : Scotland
Place of Vision: Scotland

Later, he was licensed to work in the Church of England and became a royal chaplain during the reign of King Edward VI. But when Mary I Ascended the throne of England and tried to re-establish Roman Catholicism, Knox was forced to resign his position and leave the country.

Knox moved to Geneva where he met John Calvin, from whom he gained experience and knowledge of Reformed theology.

Protestantism in Scottland

Knox was invited to return to Scotland by a group of Protestants in 1555. He created a new order of service, which was eventually adopted by the Church of Scotland. Knox was elected as the minister of the Edinburgh church in 1559. Through he was accused of heresy and was brought before the queen of Scotland. He stood firmly in his faith and told her, “The sword of justice is God’s, and if princes and rulers fail to use it , others may.

Knox, who learned Greek and Hebrew, translated the Bible into English. The voice of him who has dedicated his life to gospel outreach, is louder than the sound of more than 500 trumpets. Likewise, his voice, which steadfastly proclaimed the truth. Knox was also louder than that of the Crown and many of the top nobility. God preseved knox through the many perils he faced, and he dies of natural causes in Edinburgh on November 24, 1572.

Beloved, what is your role in correcting the doctrinal shortcomings in your church?

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“Lord! Revive me to lead the Church in Your Truth. Amen!”

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John Knox biography

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