Louis Zamperini

Louis Zamperini biography, The life of Louis Zamperini stands as a testament to the transforming power of Jesus Christ. Louis was an American fighter plane pilot. During a rescue mission to search for another lost American plane, his own plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean. He survived 47 days adrift in a lifeboat, eating fish and drinking rainwater. Finally, he was picked up by a Japanese patrol boat.

Birth: 26.01.1917
Home calling: 02.07.2014
Native Place: New York, United States of America
Place of Vision: Japan

But when the Japanese knew that he was American Air Force, they imprisoned him and brutally tortured him for two years.

During the 47 days in the ocean, Zamperini prayed and repeatedly promised God that if he would survive, he will serve Him. But after he returned from Japan imprisonment, he forgot his promise. Back in America, after few years, he met the same Japanese sergeant who cruelly tormented and beaten him every day.

Louis Zamperini ministry in Japan

He was filled with anger and couldn’t forgive him. God was forgotten, and thoughts of murdering his tormentor festered in his heart. Such thoughts were gradually destroying his health and family too.

One day, his wife invited him to attend the Billy Graham crusade in Los Angeles. There, for the first time in years, Zamperini remembered the promise he made to God. He went forward and accepted Christ, and the biggest miracle of his life was set in motion. He knew that God wanted him to love his enemies.

Zamperini returned to Japan to share the Gospel with renewed heart with hundreds of Japanese troops he once hated. He went on to share his faith around the world, speaking at several Billy Graham Crusades. Until the very end, he continued to reflect the Love of God through his ministry.

The life of Zamperini depicts the inability of human power to overcome sin, if not for God’s grace. His survivor instincts which kept him alive at sea and in prison offered him no help to overcome his sinful nature. But, yes, the transforming power of Christ does!

Beloved, are others seeing the transforming grace of God in your life?

Take away from the article

“Lord, grant in me a broken and contrite heart so that I can love those who hate me. Amen!”

Word of Prayer

Louis Zamperini

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