Mary Smith Moffat Biography

Mary Smith Moffat Biography, We all have heard the popular saying “Behind every successful man, there is a women.” This is very true for the missionaries as well. The woman can be a mother, wife, or sister to the missionary. Of the many missionaries who went to Africa, Robert Moffat was a prominent one.

Birth : 24.05.1795
Death : 09.01.1871
City : DukinField
Country : England
Place of Vision : South Africa

Mary Smith Moffat was his wife. She received many visions from God and possed all the characteristics described in the Bible for a woman. Not only did she meet the need of her house, but she also met the needs of those who lived around her.

She went to South Africa with her husband on a missionary journey in 1819. Filled with dedication and vigor, she helped her husband in every possible way to fulfill God’s plan.

Mary Smith Moffat ministry in South Africa

After reaching South Africa, they traveled on a bullock cart for 800 miles to reach Cape Town. mary learned the language and culture of the people there. Because of a war that broke out in 1820, there were several setbacks in their ministry. There were times when Robert was very discouraged and depressed, but Mary, at his side as a faithful companion and a true partner in the work, saw him through these difficult times.

She was a woman of great faith. She was also involved in translatin the Bible into a language called Setswana. She preached the gospel to everyone she met, with great love and compassion for them. The people who were led on the path of Salvtion joined the flock of Christ eventually. Because of their missionary work in South Africa for more than 50 years, the country made significant progress.

She raised her children to be missionaries. Their eldest daughter married David Livingstone, another great missionary who changed the face of Africa for God. Mary Smith Moffat

Beloved, will you dedicate yourself to encourage missionary work?

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“Lord, guide me to support and help the missionaries, Amen.”

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Mary Smith Moffat Biography

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