Melinda Rankin

Melinda Rankin biography, was the first Protestant missionary to Mexico, where the Lord used her uniquely to bring peace to that war-torn country. After giving her heart to Christ, she was filled with a desire to share the Gospel with everyone ignorant of true God. She couldn’t stay quiet and became restless if she was not in the gospel ministry. Her intense desire became a reality when she responded to a call for missionary teachers to go to the Mississippi Valley.

Birth: 21-03-1811
Home Calling: 1888
Native Place: New Hampshire
Country : USA
Place of Vision: Mexico

After hearing about how ignorant and wicked the Mexicans were, Melinda was much stirred up. She tried to arouse interest among churches and missionary societies.

But no one seemed ready to go to the needy field. At last, she exclaimed, “God help me, I will go myself.” Since Mexico was in a lawless state, it was dangerous for her to go there. It was forbidden by the government to bring Christianity in any form whatever.

Melinda Rankin ministry in Mexico

Since she could not get into Mexico, she settled in Texas, close to Matamoras, Mexico. Though it was hard to find a shelter of any sort, she never thought of giving up. Finally, she was allowed two rooms to rent, of which one room was used as a schoolroom. There were many Mexicans in the city, and many Mexican girls joined her school.

One day a Mexican mother came to her for a Bible, which became the first Bible that the missionary got across the border. There was a law against distributing Bible in Mexico. But Melinda believed that no force has a right to withhold the ‘Living Words’ from the people. Hence, with dauntless courage, she found means to send over hundreds of Bibles and tracts to Mexico.

She was finally able to reach the Mexican soil, where she founded the first Protestant Mission. The woman who said, “The word discouragement is not in the dictionary of the Kingdom of Heaven,” went to be with the Lord at the age of 76.

Beloved, are you willing to attempt great things for God?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to work for You with Faith, Courage, and Consecration. Amen!”

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