Nikolaus von Zinzendorf biography

Nikolaus von Zinzendorf biography, was an 18th century German religious and social reformer. Born in a noble family, he showed an early inclination towards theology and religious work. Though he was a Lutheran, history remembers him as a Moravian for protecting the German-speaking Moravian exiles in his county. His only obsession in life was to see the spiritual unity of believers irrespective of their denomination.

Birth: 26-05-1700
Home Calling: 09-05-1760
Homeland: Germany
Place of Vision: Germany

He was perhaps the first minister to use the term ‘ecumenism’ (the principle of promoting unity among the different Churches) in the context of the church.

After completing his studies at the Wittenberg University, he embarked on a tour of learning centers in Europe. It was at the art museum at Dusseldorf that he encountered the Savior.

Nikolaus von Zinzendorf ministry in Germany

There he saw a portrait of the thorn-crowned Jesus with the inscription below it—”I have done this for you; what have you done for me?” Zinzendorf said to himself, “I have loved Him for a long time, but I have never actually done anything for Him. From now on, I will do whatever He leads me to do.”

Ever since his conversion, he set his eyes on serving the Lord. He bought the estate of his maternal grandmother to provide shelter for the oppressed Christians and named it Herrnhut. The persecuted Moravians were the first to arrive in Herrnhut, whom Lutheran Pietists, Catholics, Anabaptists later joined. With this diversity, discord soon arose between Christians, but Zinzendorff worked hard to unify them in one communion.

He went house to house to counsel the people and gathered them for prayer and intense study of the Scriptures. It helped them to realize that as Christians they should live together in love. He also encouraged itinerant evangelism and provided the impetus for the Moravian missions across the world.

True to that decision that he made in the museum, Zinzendorf lived only to serve the purpose of God. On his deathbed, he called his children and said, “I am going to the Saviour. I am ready…, If He is no longer willing to make use of me here, I am quite ready to go to Him…”

Beloved, what does the Word of God ask you to do today?

Take away from the article

“Lord, enable me to work for the unification of churches. Amen!”

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Nikolaus von Zinzendorf Biography

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