Patricia St. John

Patricia St. John was a missionary nurse in Morocco who is also known for her prolific evangelical writing. Patricia’s parents were missionaries in South America who returned to England in 1919. Growing up in a Godly environment, Patricia St. John had an orientation towards missionary ministry from her childhood. Even at an early age, Patricia understood the importance and need of telling others about Jesus Christ.

Birth: 1919
Home Calling: 1993
Homeland: England
Place of Vision: Morocco

During the Second World War, Patricia worked as a nurse in London. On her brother’s invitation to join him in medical missionary ministry in Morocco, Patricia went to Tangiers. There she worked under extreme hostility from the local Muslim population.

The Muslim women were not allowed to see a male doctor; hence, Patricia used her own home as a clinic to serve these women. Soon she not only earned the trust of the local women but also earned many of them for Christ.

Patricia St. John ministry in Morocco

When the Muslims saw that their own were accepting Christ, they threatened and asked her to leave. So she went to Rwanda doing the same ministry. However, she returned to Tangiers after some time and established a nursing training school. A true Christian cannot stay idle without witnessing Christ, and neither could Patricia St. John.

Hence, the Moroccan government seized both her brother’s hospital and her Nursing institute and ordered them to leave the country. After serving for 27 years in Morocco, Patricia returned to England in 1975. Later she traveled to Bierut and parts of Ethiopia, serving the poor and starving people until the end.

Patricia St. John was a prolific storyteller. She used her daily experiences as short stories to communicate to the children and the youth the love and power of God. During the missionary service, too, she did not let the dearth of clergymen affect the spirituality of the newly born-again believers. She herself taught the truths of the Bible in a simple yet effective manner.

Her books like ‘Treasures of the Snow’ and ‘The Tanglewoods’ Secret’ have brought many children to Christ.

Beloved, have you realized the importance and need of telling others about Jesus Christ?

Take away from the article

“Lord, forgive my idleness and help to be an active gospel bearer. Amen!”

Word of Prayer

Patricia St. John

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