Philip, the Evangelist

Philip, the Evangelist, Philip was one of the seven deacons set apart by the early Church at Jerusalem to take charge of the daily ministration of charity to the poor widows. He was contemporary to Stephen. Whatever the little is told about Philip in the Scriptures is significant as he is referred to by the Holy Spirit as ‘the evangelist.’

Birth : –
Home calling : ~ AD 58
Native Place : Galilee
Place of Vision : Caesarea

Philip, (Greek: Φίλιππος, Philippos) appears several times in the Acts of the Apostles. He considered it to be his duty to tell others of Jesus and lead them to Him. He not only supplemented the ministry of the Apostles but also played an important role in spreading the Gospel as an evangelist.

Philip Ministry in Caesarea

When the great persecution arose, followed by the martyrdom of Stephen, he left Jerusalem and went to Samaria, in Palestine, to preach the Gospel. He was an energetic preacher and focused on preaching about the Kingdom of God. Many people accepted Christ and were baptized, one among whom was Simon, the Sorcerer. Philip performed many miracles, cast out evil spirits, and healed many in Samaria.

With his gift of evangelization, Philip was always willing to speak to any individual about Christ. His only concern was to uplift Jesus in his preaching, whether it was to a crowd or one man. He lived in close touch with his Lord and his life was a perfect illustration of implicit obedience. Once God asked him to go down from Jerusalem into a deserted place in Gaza where he met a Eunuch perplexed about the scriptures.

Philip enlightened him with the word of God and then baptized him. He was then led by the Spirit of God to go to Azotus (a city in Palestine) and then to Caesarea where he continued to preach the gospel. Philip was also a spiritual homemaker and raised his daughters to be holy who ministered to the church through their gift of prophecy.

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