Rees Howells

Rees Howells was born in the village of Brynamman, Wales, into a Godly family. Along with his ten siblings, Rees migrated to America as a young man in hopes of building a better future. Once he heard the testimony of a converted Jew called Morris Reuben, after which he offered his life to His savior and became a new creation.

Birth: 10-10-1879
Death: 13-02-1950
Native Place: Wales, United Kingdom
Place of Vision: England, South Africa

Rees worked as a miner before he committed himself to the service of God. The spirit of God led him deeply into a ministry of intercession resulting in powerful testimonies of answered prayer.

Howells married Elizabeth Hannah Jones in 1910. Just when the World War I had begun in 1915, they received a call to be a missionary in South Africa. The widespread panic of having to travel by ship could not thwart the couple’s desire to remain at the center of God’s will.

Rees Howells ministry in England & South Africa

At South Africa, Howells held several revival meetings when the Holy Spirit powerfully worked among the locals. Scores of people accepted Christ and the church found a new life through his ministry. Howells traveled the Southern African mission stations by taking the revival anointing with him. As the ministry flourished, Howells saw the need for more ministers and an institute to train them.

He returned to England in 1920 and established the Bible College of Wales in 1924. Since then, thousands of students trained at the college are now serving across the world. Howells was a powerful intercessor and prayer warrior. He met the tests of obedience with simple willingness and complete surrender in every domain of his life. Particularly, during World War II, as England fought physically.

Howell and his students fought on their knees in prayers. Their daily prayers to save their brethren were miraculously answered. After glorious shouldering a burden of revival, Howells left for heavenly abode in 1950.

Beloved, are you leading a life of intercession that fulfills God’s purpose on this earth?

Take away from the article

“Lord, raise me up in faith so that I can kneel down in intercession for Your Glory. Amen!”

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