Reinhard Bonnke

Reinhard Bonnke biography, The mother of a 9-year-old boy was discussing a sin that he had committed. Such was his conviction that he immediately asked forgiveness for his sins and accepted Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. At the age of 10, he felt God’s call for missionary work in Africa. The boy responded to the call later in his life, and came to be known as the “Billy Graham of Africa.” His name was Reinhard Bonke.

Birth: 19-04-1940
Home Calling: 07-12-2019
Native Place: Königsberg
Country: Germany
Place of Vision: Africa

After his graduation, he ministered in Germany before leaving for Africa. In 1967, he reached a small village in Lesotho, Africa where he pastored a local church. He began his ministry with the motto “plunder hell to populate heaven.”

Then unemployment in Lesotho was rampant which ultimately led to a high crime rate. Hence, he counseled the youngsters and hired them to spread the Gospel. He prepared Bicycle teams who carried Bibles and Gospels tracts to the nooks and corners of Lesotho and beyond it.

Unlike others, he wanted to ‘build God’s kingdom and not monuments.’ Hence with faith, he began to rent large auditoriums to conduct meetings. Although the initial ministry was disappointing, soon, the revival spread like fire across several parts of Southern Africa. He believed God to be his pilot and Holy Spirit his comforter, guide, and power source.

Reinhard Bonnke ministry in Africa

“Does the prospect of seeing the Great Commission of Christ fulfilled drive you day and night? If not, then I pray that the story of my life will light a fire in you. A fire that will change everything. A holy fire that will convince you that nothing is impossible with God” was his challenging words to Christians all around the world.

With a blazing fire and unquenchable zeal, he started an organization named ‘Christ for all Nations’ which is currently spearheading ministry across 9 countries. This mighty man of God who led thousands to salvation went to the Lord at the age of 79.

Beloved, is the Holy Spirit burning in you to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ?

Take away from the Article

“Lord, fill me with the divine fire and use me to do impossible things for You. Amen!”

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