Robert Turlington Noble

Robert Turlington Noble was the youngest son of Rev. John Nobel and Sarah. Although he was interested in serving God, he felt that he was unworthy to do so. Whenever an opportunity came his way to minister, he thought he might arouse God’s wrath by doing what he was not supposed to do. However, God visited him powerfully through the verse “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” (Isaiah 6:8). Finally, he committed his life to God and was ordained by the Church of England in 1840.

Birth : 27.05.1809
Home calling : 1865
Native Place : –
Country : England
Place of Vision : India

After briefly serving at Leicestershire, he was sent by the Christian Missionary Society to serve among the Telugu people in India. Arriving in Masulipatnam (Machilipatnam), India, in 1841, he was shocked to see the people’s ignorance.

The social atrocities like Sati, Child marriages, Illiteracy, Untouchability, and Devadasi tradition shook him to the core. He conversed with the Brahmins and found them hypocrites dictating societal rules to meet their own comforts. Oh, Robert spent days and nights weeping in prayers, unable to digest the pathetic situation of the people.

Robert Turlington Noble ministry in India

He was more disappointed by his own countrymen, who being Christians, were unaffected by local conditions and only ruled for their selfishness. Finally, he understood that educating these people is the only way to change society. Prayerfully, he opened a school in Masulipatnam. Scripture lessons were taught in the school that led to the salvation of many students.

Robert personally conversed with upper caste people and overwhelmingly proved the truth in Jesus Christ. Many accepted Christ as their personal savior. As the number of converts grew, a church was established, and encouraging evangelistic work was begun in the surrounding villages.

Despite the trying climate of India, this earnest missionary labored unceasingly for twenty-two years and went to be with the Lord in 1865. His letters and writings have motivated many to take up the cross and come and serve in India.

Beloved, how strong is your burden for those ignorant heathen people?

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Lord, I’m ready to take up the cross and go preach to the heathen. Amen!

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