Samuel Ajayi Crowther

Samuel Ajayi Crowther biography, Long ago, upon the shore of Nigeria, a black boy was playing about. Suddenly, he was seized by strangers from a ship and was sold to a Portuguese slaver. Such wicked deeds were done long ago, and money was made by seizing and selling the poor helpless Africans as slaves.

Birth: 1809
Home Calling: 31-12-1891
Native Place: Lagos
Country : Nigeria
Place of Vision: Nigeria

However, after some time, he was set free by some kind people, and then he went to Sierra Leone. The very first thing he did was beg a half-penny to buy an alphabet book for himself.

He was such a bright boy and was so anxious that he learned to read, and in five years, entered college. The boy’s name was Samuel Ajayi Crowther.

Samuel Ajayi Crowther ministry in Nigeria

The most important event of Crowther’s life was his becoming a Christian and giving himself to Christian service. Time went on, and from being a tutor, Samuel Crowther became a minister and then, in 1864, was made a bishop. He was the first black Bishop of modern times in Africa. He planted mission stations all along the banks of the Niger River.

He had wonderful wisdom and tact in dealing with different people and won their confidence in a remarkable way. Although he had learning and honor, he was very humble in the sight of the Lord as well as of the men. He assisted in translating a part of the Bible into the Yoruba language.

One of the most intense longings of Samuel’s heart was to find his mother and tell her about Jesus. He could not hear anything about her nor find her in any way. But one day, a most beautiful thing happened. A woman came to be baptized, and the Bishop found that she was not only a Christian but was also his own mother. What a joyful day that was! His life and labors were so honorable in the sight of God that his heart’s desire was eventually granted.

Beloved, are you concerned about the salvation of your family members?

Take away from the article

“Lord, make me an ambassador of Cross to those enslaved to sin. Amen!”

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