Samuel Gobat

Samuel Gobat biography, was a CMS (Church Missionary Society) missionary to Abyssinia and Jerusalem. Gobat studied at the Basel Mission Institute in Paris, and the CMS Training Institution in Islington (London), England. He then volunteered for service with the CMS, which sent him to Abyssinia.

Birth: 26-01-1799
Home Calling: 11-05-1879
Native Place: Bern
Country : Switzerland
Place of Vision: Abyssinia and Jerusalem

Gobat patiently served among Abyssinians for six years who were ignorant, debased, and leading a wretched life. However, the unsettled political situations and his own ill health forced Gobat to return to Europe.

Then he was sent to Malta. Between 1839 and 1845, he supervised the translation of the Bible into Arabic and served as vice-president of the Malta Protestant College. Subsequently, in 1846 King Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia nominated Gobat to succeed the recently deceased bishop of Jerusalem.

Samuel Gobat Ministry in Abyssinia & Jerusalem

He carried on a vital mission as bishop for over thirty years. He established many schools, one of which later became the famous Jerusalem University College and an orphanage on Mount Zion for the spiritual welfare of the people. He also established a Hebrew Seminary and an Industrial center to teach handicrafts manufacturing to the poor, destitute Jews.

Although he had to spend all his personal money to run these institutions, he found great joy in seeing how these institutions were benefitting the public. While these institutions functioned to solve societal problems like illiteracy and unemployment, their prime objective was the Gospel.

Gobat was known for his energetic practicality in his ministry. Amid the tumultuous times in Jerusalem, Marie Gobat, his wife, stood by him as his pillar of strength. During the Crimean war, they continued to serve God among the riots, conflicts, and bloodshed.

They endured famines and pestilence. Many would have died of starvation and diseases had it not been for Divine providence and Gobat’s sacrifice. The Lord had indeed led them by “ways they knew not” and made them able to work for Him “beyond their strength.”

Beloved, are you a pillar of support to your family in difficult situations?

Take away from the article

“Lord, give me the strength to serve You faithfully despite sorrows and sickness. Amen!”

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