Samuel Marinus Zwemer

Samuel Marinus Zwemer, also known as an ‘Apostle to Islam,’ was one of the most noted missionaries of the twentieth century who served in Arabia and Egypt for almost 38 years. He was born to immigrant parents from the Netherlands to America and was brought up in deep religious convictions and moral values. Samuel accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior when he was a young boy.

Birth: 12-04-1867
Death: 02-04-1952
Native Place: Michigan
Country: United States
Place of Vision: Arabia and Egypt

When he realized that God was calling him to the foreign field, he immediately obeyed and dedicated his life to the salvation of lost souls.

After graduating from the New Brunswick Seminary in New Jersey, he served with the Throop Avenue Mission in evangelizing and meeting the needs of the poor. However, he was deeply burdened concerning the evangelization of Muslims.

Samuel Marinus Zwemer ministry in Arabia & Egypt

When he saw no organization actively involved in missionary work among Muslims, he and his friend James Cantine founded the ‘American Arabian Mission.’ After his ordination in 1890, Zwemer left for Arabia as a missionary. Along with his wife, Amy Wilkes, Zwemer actively moved across several Arabian countries and preached the gospel.

Amidst the severe opposition, he initially did street preaching and tract distribution which yielded good results. Later he went on to organize mission conventions, gospel campaigns, and leadership conferences. Missionary work does not come without its costs and sacrifices. Zwemer lost his two young daughters to dysentery and his brother Peter to illness.

Yet, the Zwemer couple hoped in Christ and remained steadfast in their calling. In the later years of his ministry, Zwemer traveled to several countries globally, speaking to student groups, recruiting missionaries for the ministry among the Muslims. He was also an editor of several Christian periodicals and authored many books. Zwemer finished his spiritual race, leaving behind a tremendous influence on the Christian mission to Islam and advancing the church and the gospel worldwide.

Beloved, the mission doors are open. Will you enter?

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“Lord, strengthen me to take the gospel to the places where it has not been proclaimed. Amen!”

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