Samuel Oughton

Samuel Oughton biography, was a Baptist missionary who served in Jamaica. He ministered at the Independent Congregational Surrey Chapel in London before arriving in Jamaica in 1836. From 1839, he served as a pastor at the East Queen Street Chapel in Kingston, which largely consisted of the African population.

Birth: 1803
Home Calling: 1881
Homeland: United Kingdom
Place of Vision: Jamaica

Even after the legal abolishment of slavery began in Jamaica, conditions were not so favorable for Africans there. They still were taken into slavery and were frequently harassed.

Oughton was one among few other missionaries who bravely stood in support of the Africans. As a Christian, he believed in the equality of all human beings and advocated the same.

Samuel Oughton ministry in Jamaica

He was outspoken about black labor rights and strongly condemned the atrocities of the authorities on African women. This resulted in his imprisonment in 1840, and eventually, he was released by the grace of God. He returned to his church with renewed hope and started ministering with even more enthusiasm.

Oughton ministered at East Queen Street chapel as pastor for the next twenty years. During this time, he made several reforms to ensure equality in the church. He promoted a form of moral code that he applied to everyone, both ex-slaves and the ex-owners. Though he was disliked by a certain portion of the church congregation and society, he stood by his moral standards.

He also reminded the ex-slaves not to use their freedom for the deeds of the flesh but only to serve one another. While in Jamaica, he was not just involved in emancipation and reform but also in encouraging women’s political and social involvement. He strongly encouraged women’s education and insisted on strengthening the education system in the society to completely overcome slavery.

After faithfully serving the Lord in the mission field, Oughton went to be with the Lord in 1881.

Beloved, being a true Christian, are you working for the justice of the oppressed?

Take away from the article

“Lord, save me from the deeds of the flesh and help me to use my freedom to serve others. Amen!”

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