Shi Meiyu

Shi Meiyu biography, also known as Mary Stone, was born into a Christian family in China. Her father was a Methodist pastor and her mother was principal of a Christian school. Impressed by the work of Dr. Katharine Bushnell, an American medical missionary, Meiyu’s father wanted Meiyu to become a doctor. The opportunity has come through her school teacher Gertrude Howe, an American missionary who took her best five students to the University of Michigan. Among the five were Shi Meiyu and her friend Kang Cheng, the first two Chinese women to receive a medical degree from an American university.

Birth: 01-05-1873
Home Calling: 30-12-1954
Native Place: Jiujiang
Country: China
Place of Vision: China

Upon graduation in 1896, Meiyu and Kang returned to China as medical missionaries of the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In Jiujiang, they set up a one-room hospital.

While building a new hospital named Elizabeth Skelton Danforth Memorial Hospital, the Boxer Rebellion rose against Christians and missionaries in China in 1900. During the rebellion, Meiyu lost her father and she and Kang had to leave China seeking refuge in Japan. Upon their return to China in 1901, they opened the hospital.

Shi Meiyu ministry in China

The hospital was flooded with patients always. On the other hand, she conducted a training programme for Chinese nurses, translated Western medical textbooks and training manuals for nurses, and conducted Bible studies for them. Apart from her professional service, she adopted four sons.

Meiyu was one of the founders of the Chinese Home Missionary Society. It is an indigenous interdenominational mission aimed at reaching out to southwest China. Later for some time, Meiyu went to America for higher studies. After her return to China, she left the Methodist missionary society and founded the Bethel Mission in Shanghai in 1920. In 17 years, the mission established schools, a hospital and nursing school, a seminary, an orphanage, and a worship center.

Meiyu continued her training programme for nurses not only to train Chinese as nurses but also to lead them to Christ and make them nurse-evangelists. In later years she went to California where she lived till her death.

Beloved, are you using your professional career to lead others to Christ and train them as evangelists?

Take away from the article

“Lord, give me an evangelist’s heart and zeal to train others as evangelists. Amen!”

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