Steve Saint

Steve Saint biography, was born and raised in Ecuador, where his parents were missionaries. His father, Nate Saint, was one of the five young missionaries killed in 1956 by the Waodani tribes. After the death of his father, Steve studied at a school in Quito. During this time, his aunt Rachel Saint and Elisabeth Elliot finally made peaceful contact with the Aucas.

Birth: 30-01-1951
Home Calling: –
Native Place: Quito
Country : Ecuador
Place of Vision: Ecuador

These two brave women successfully took the gospel to them and brought many of them to Christ.

During the summers, Steve used to go to live with his aunt among the Waodani tribal people. As a young boy, he learned about living in the jungle, and he was lovingly called ‘Babae’ by the tribals. Then, in June of 1965, Steve was baptized in Christ in the very river where his father was killed.

Steve Saint ministry in Ecuador

Would you believe that he was baptized by two of his father’s killers? How wondrous and unfathomable are the ways of God! For higher studies, Steve went to the United States and graduated from Wheaton College. After his marriage to Ginny, Steve began a successful career as a businessman. But, in 1994, his Aunt Rachel died in Ecuador.

He immediately traveled back to Ecuador to bury her. And it was then that the Waodani tribe, who knew Steve from childhood, asked him to come down to live with them. After much prayers, Steve moved to the jungles in 1995. There he worked hard to improve the living conditions and economy of the locals.

Once, the Waodani people asked him to teach to do technical things that the missionaries do. They wanted to reduce dependency on the outsiders, especially in carrying out ministry and wanted to pioneer missions on their own. So, realizing the need for a global effort to teach practical skills, he founded the ‘Indigenous Peoples Technology and Education Center’ (I-TEC). Steve, now in his 70’s continues to develop, train, and equip the indigenous churches to carry out the missionary work through this center.

Beloved, is your heart big enough to love those who hurt you?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to be free of contempt against those who have hurt me and help me to love without expectations, reservations and limitations. Amen!”

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