Theodore Leighton Pennell

Theodore Leighton Pennell, A man in Pathani dress was going in the streets of Punjab by bicycle. His heart was grieved seeing the state of missionaries, who are in their comfortable habitats expecting people to come to them instead of going out into the people.

Birth: 07-10-1867
Death: 23-03-1912
Birth Place: Clifton
Country: England
Place of Vision: Bannu, Afghanistan Frontier

That man was Theodore Leighton Pennell. He adopted the dress of Pathan to live with Muslims as one among them, became vegetarian to make Hindus comfortable to eat with him, went to villages, went into the people, visited them, lived with them, tried to win their trust, and rendered medical services while introducing the Heavenly Doctor Who can heal their hearts!

Theodore Pennell, a gold medalist in medical studies, left the prosperous future awaiting him and offered his services to the Church Missionary Society (CMS).

Theodore Leighton Pennell ministry in Afghanistan

He was appointed to British India (Pakistan was part of India then). His mother Elizabeth, who raised him inspiring to serve people, accompanied him. In 1892, he started his work at Dera Ismail Khan in the Pakistan region. In 1893 he moved to Bannu at the Pakistan-Afghanistan frontier where he evangelized the Afghan travelers.

There he established a school and a hospital that treated thousands of patients every year. He combined medical work with public preaching in Bannu and the surrounding villages. Jahan Khan, the first-fruit of his work, went as the first Afghan foreign missionary to the Gulf and East Africa.

Opposition rose from Islam leaders who warned people not to accept his medicines. Converts faced persecution. Pennell worked among the furious people, who were extremely dedicated pious Islamists and untamed tribes.

But he was fearless. If a place seemed to be dangerous, it induced him to enter. His heart burdened for Afghanistan, where no missionary was allowed, hoped for a day when he could reach there.

T. L. Pennell, who received the Kaisar-i-Hind Medal for public service in India, being infected while treating an infectious disease died at the age of 45.

Beloved, are you willing to leave your comfort zone and go into the people and share Good News with them?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to be fearless and courageous in proclaiming the Gospel. Amen!”

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