William Ambrose Shedd

William Ambrose Shedd biography, was an American missionary who served in Persia during World War I conflict between the Russian and Ottoman empires. He was born to a missionary couple who served in Iran. After completing his education in America, he spent a couple of years in Princeton Seminary preparing for the ministry. Shedd then entered the mission field in Persia on behalf of the Presbyterian Mission Board.

Birth: 24.01.1865
Home calling: 07.08.1918
Native Place: Urmia, Iran
Place of Vision: Iran & Persia

Shedd served during an extremely difficult World War I period. However, he occupied himself with preaching, teaching at various levels, supervising the printing press, and handling the legal affairs of the mission.

He was also actively involved in the preparations for the publication of a concordance to the Syrian Bible. Though the work was ready for the press, the war interrupted the printing process and also destroyed the original manuscript.

William Ambrose Shedd ministry in Iran & Persia

In July 1918, when the Ottoman army advanced toward Urmia, the Assyrian and Armenian Christians were forced to leave Urmia and move to safety in British-occupied Iraq. This exodus lasted for several months, and Shedd was the man to whom everybody looked for leadership. The situation was gruesome, and there was bloodbath everywhere.

However, with utmost caution and commitment, Shedd led thousands of Christians to safety in Khosrava and Sain Ghala. The people were so panicked at that time that they left their babies and elderly and fled for their safety. As the Shedd couple were moving towards a safe place, they saw a small girl left to die. They took her along until they came to a village and found a helping woman to care for that girl.

Shedd gave her some money and promised to give more on their way back if she was well looked after. The good Samaritan braved the enemy and their bullets day after day until all his people were safe. After they reached a place called Sain Ghala, a deadly Cholera took Shedd’s life.

Beloved, are you ready to complete the task left by the missionaries in your country?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to live a life of Good Samaritan in this panic-stricken world. Amen!”

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