William Buck Bagby

William Buck Bagby biography, In 1884, a missionary couple started God’s work in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, amidst opposition from the Catholics. It was a disappointing start to the ministry as nobody used to come to the worship meetings. Hence, they took their musical instruments outside the hall and began to sing. When some curious people started to gather there, some mobsters came and damaged the furniture.

Birth: 05-011-1855
Home Calling: 05-08-1939
Native Place: Coryell County
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: Brazil

Then someone threw a stone at the preacher, which hit his head, and he fell unconscious. But a few minutes later, he stood up and continued to preach. The preacher was William Buck Bagby, a pioneer Baptist missionary to Brazil.

After he graduated from Waco University, William worked as a teacher at a school. In his youth, he heard about the need for missionaries in South America and was burdened for it.

William Buck Bagby ministry in Brazil

His interest came to realization when he married Anne Luther. She was already committed to missionary work and had a similar interest in South America. Encouraged by few others, the Bagby couple arrived in Rio de Janeiro in 1880. Then, the catholic church was involved in running the Government, and they had the least tolerance towards the protestants.

In the initial phases of ministry, Bagby faced severe opposition and was physically harmed several times. But, the courageous missionary grew stronger in the face of adversity. Soon, within two years, there were two Baptist churches in Rio.

Bagby expanded his ministry beyond Rio and traveled around Brazil, establishing churches in all the major cities. Everywhere in Brazil, the impact of Bagby was seen in the form of churches he founded, schools he built, great leaders he won to Christ, and thousands of believers. His wife, Anne Luther, was an equal partner in the ministry.

They were blessed with 9 children, out of which 5 lived to become missionaries to South America. After 58 years of intense ministry, Bagby went to the Lord in 1939, leaving behind 694 churches and 53,000 believers.

Beloved, are you willing to serve God even harder in the face of adversity?

Take away from the article

“Lord, every time I fall down by the adversaries’ attacks, pick me up to stand for You. Amen!”

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