William Knibb

William Knibb biography, was an English missionary to Jamaica known for his work to abolish slavery in the British Empire. William’s brother Thomas Knibb was the first to reach Jamaica as a missionary teacher. Before he could do any significant ministry, tropical fever struck Thomas down in 1824. Instead of being afraid, William immediately applied to take his brother’s place in Jamaica.

Birth: 07.09.1803
Home calling: 15.11.1845
Native Place: United Kingdom
Place of Vision: Jamaica

He succeeded in persuading the Baptist Missionary Society to allow him to go to Jamaica and reached Kingston in 1824. Although he was firmly instructed and reminded not to interfere in civil or political affairs, he could not stand the plight of slaves.

To him, the idea of slavery was totally abhorrent, and he determined to do all within his power to “slay this monster.” He openly preached against slavery and reprimanded his own people who supported slavery. Hence, he made several enemies amongst the planters, traders, and merchants whose livelihood rested upon slavery and the slave trade.

William Knibb ministry in Jamaica

He was arrested during the Great Jamaican Slave Rebellion of 1832 on suspicion that he helped instigate the rebellion. The imprisonment didn’t shake his faith. After his release, he continued to preach against slavery even in the face of death threats. He also traveled to England to present the atrocities of slavery and the difficulties faced by the missionaries.

He spoke with such fervency that God granted him favor in the eyes of men. This led to the passing of the abolition of the slavery bill in British colonies. Even after returning to Jamaica, Knibb continued to work for the social and spiritual welfare of the Negros. He planted several churches and established many villages and schools across the island.

He translated the Bible into the native language of the slaves called Creole. With emancipation, Jamaica also witnessed a spiritual revival. Many of the former slaves accepted Christ and yielded their life to the true liberator of sins. Jamaica truly found freedom in spirit and flesh!

Beloved, many abhorrent practices are existing even today. How can we abolish such practices and gain souls for Christ?

Take away from the article

“Lord, I offer myself for the welfare of those in bondage to sin. Amen!”

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