Aaron Arumugam Pillai

Aaron Arumugam Pillai, Aaron, whose original name was Arumugam Pillai was born into a wealthy, upper-caste family. His father Chokkanatha Pillai, traded with the East India Company, but suffered a great loss and moved his family to Arasapuram. When the Tranquebar Lutheran Mission opened a school in his neighborhood, Aaron was one of the students to learn form the tamil books printed by them.

Birth : 1698
Death : 1745
Native Place : Cuddalore
Country : India
Place of Vision : India

A teacher named Savarimuthu introduced the teachings of Jesus Christ to Arumugan when he was 19 years old. He was then baptized in 1718 by Bartholomaeus Xiegenbalg in Tranqebar and christened as ‘Aaron’.

He stood steadfast in his faith despite the opposition shown by his family members. He studied Bible in Tamil Theological School and soon was appointed as an assistant catechist at New Jerusalem Church in Tranquebar.

Aaron Arumugam Pillai ministry in India

Aaron had a deep burden for his people and used to travel long distances to preach the gospel. He visited and proclaimed the gospel in Poralyar, Sirkali, and Sandirpadi in Tamil Nadu. Impressed by his zeal for ministry, the German Lutheran Missionaries ordained him as pastor in 1733. he became the first non-European to be ordained as a pastor.

Aron was a man with good communication skills. His inter-personal relationships enabled him to provie spiritual comfort to the locals and ministerial insights to the Europeans. He became the main link between the Tamil people and European missionaries. He stood out as a man of great courage, integrity and wisdom. He didnt shy away from conflicts but squarely faced them and amicably solved them.

He reasoned with local people and made efforts to end the abusive and evil social practices, Though his ministry was not of long duration, he earned the respect and love of both the Hindus and Christians in the regiosn he served.

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