Ada Boyd biography

Ada Boyd biography, was one of the many missionaries who labored hard to improve the conditions of Indian women suffering under the Purdah system. It was a practice common among Muslims and upper-class Hindus that restricted women from appearing in public and interacting with men. Ada Boyd visited such women in their homes and brought them to experience the love of Christ.

Birth: ~1866
Home Calling: 1915
Native Place: Indiana
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: India

Ada was born in Indiana and was reared by her grandmother. When the Christian Woman’s Board of Missions planned to send woman missionaries to India, Ada volunteered for the service. Along with Mary Graybiel, Mary Kingsbury, and Laura Kinsey, Ada came to India in 1882 and then reached Bilaspur in 1885.

She was conscientious, and a purposeful young woman and immediately started learning Hindi to be ready as soon as possible to preach Jesus.

Ada Boyd ministry in India

Though there were many discouragements and difficulties, Ada pressed on in her mission and began to reach out to all women, irrespective of their castes. She made friends with the local woman by teaching them knitting and sewing and providing medical care. Then she taught them how to read the Bible as she believed reading would help them think for themselves.

Since the women were not allowed to gather in public places, she trudged from place to place in heat and dirt to instruct them. Ada was a compassionate woman. During the 1899-1900 Indian famine and pestilence, she worked hard and gave her own income to see that the poor children are fed.

She built an orphanage and adopted several poor homeless children. She also started schools and Sunday schools for them. Many of them accepted Christ and got baptized later. All through her life, Ada remained a dedicated servant of God who steadily held on to her mission task. After 33 years of service in Bilaspur, she went to be with the Lord in 1915. Ada Boyd

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Ada Boyd

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