Bishop Daniel Corrie Biography

Bishop Daniel Corrie biography, he was an English Anglican priest who came to India with a great vision. Born in England in 1777, he was ordained deacon of the Diocese of Lincoln in 1802, a priest in 1804, and in 1806 was appointed to a chaplaincy in Bengal, India.

He became the Archdeacon of Calcutta in 1823 and was later consecrated as bishop of Madras in 1835. He learned the Hindustani language and worked among the people of chunar. He preached the gospel, established schools, and built churches in that part of the region as far as Banaras.

Ministry in India

Birth: 18.04.1777
Death: 05.02.1837
Native: England
Country: England
Place of Vision: India

He then moved to Kanpur in 1810 and laboured with his dear friend Henry Martyn. There he severely fell ill. Though he moved to Calcutta for his physical recovery, he did not look back in his ministry. he also worked among the Muslim locals and led them to Christ.

In 1812 he was married to Elizabeth, whose spiritual determination and pure affection helped him a great deal in his ministry. Both of them served in Agra for two years where the word of God prospered and churches were established with the native congregation.

His severe liver illness returned due to which he had to return to his native land for medical treatment. But his zeal for his Hindustani brothers compelled him to come back to India and continue his ministry in Calcutta, Banaras, Buxar and Chunar.

He was later consecrated as Bishop of Madras in 1935 where he served till his last breath. During that period, he worked hard to bring peace among trouble churches in Tanjore and Tinnelvelly (Tirunelvelli). He built schools and churches and trained several young men for the ministry. He served in India for over 24 years with a benevolent heart, meek spirit an humility.

Beloved, are you aware that many people in India still do not know Jesus Christ?

Take awat from the article

“Lord! Help me to do Your work with humility and revive our country for Your glory, Amen!”

Word of Prayer

Bishop Daniel Corrie Biography

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