James hough biography

James hough biography, Honourable James Hough was born in England in the year 1789. He received his degree from the University of Cambridge. He also joined the Biblical Seminary and graduated from there as well.

Birth : 1789
Death : 1847
Place : Cumberland
Country : England
Vision : India

In the year 1814 he was ordained as a minister. Though he served as a church oriest, he had high regards for the missionary life. He considered there is nothing greater than missionary work and surrended himself for the same.

Ministry in India

While he was attending a missionary gathering, he was touched by the preacher’s emphasis on the inevitable need to carry out the mission of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to various countries. And those words of the preacher were deeply embedded in his heart which led him to look for an opportunity to serve the Lord as a missionary.

He offered himself to be a missionary and arrived in India along with a group of East India Company. he was appointed as the first Chaplain of the army stationed in Tirunelveli city in Tamil Nadu state. He made use of every second of his life to serve the Lord better.

He also wrote five volumes of the book ” The History of Christianity in India”. Through establishing schools, and distributing the Bibles and prayer books he led many to Christ. He also established the Anglican Bible Society and built a church in Poonthamalli, Chennai for the soldiers to worship God.

He was instrumental in nurturing the spiritual lives of christians in Tirunelveli and chennai. james hough fulfilled God’s purpose through his tireless service to the people and finished the course of his journey in this world in 1847. James hough biography

Beloved! Do you have the burden for the souls in India?

Take away from the article

“Lord, give me the burden to work towards the redemption of India.”

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