John van Ess

John van Ess biography, Daniel in the Bible was a Jewish captive in Babylon, but God elevated him to become the Chief of Governors over the whole province of Babylon. Sometimes God uses his people to change the political situations of a country. John van Ess, known as the ‘The Diplomatic Missionary,’ was one such servant of God who served in the Middle East.

Birth: 1879
Home Calling: 1949
Native Place: New Holland
Country : United States of America
Place of Vision: Middle East

Following his graduation from Princeton Seminary, John was sent first to Bahrain to study Arabic and then was posted to Basra, Iraq. He spent the initial few years in Iraq traveling among the various desert tribes preaching the Gospel and providing them with medical care.

However, the Arabs were only interested in physical benefits and had no interest in the Gospel. Instead of giving up, he turned the attention of his ministry from the adults towards the children.

John van Ess ministry in Middle East

Along with his wife, Dorothy, he founded two schools in Basra: the “High Hope for Boys” and “The School of Women’s Hope” in 1912. Through them, he labored to bring the Arabs into the light of the Gospel.

John van Ess was particularly known for his diplomatic skills that he used to bring peace among the warring Arabs. He resolved several conflicts between Turkey and Iraq and was instrumental in avoiding several wars. Once, he went to resolve a conflict between the Turkish Government and an Egyptian tribe. There he was accused by the Egyptians of being a Turkish spy.

He was imprisoned for several weeks and was almost got killed. The Turkish Government gave upon him, thinking him to be dead. But the brave missionary eventually came out of the captivity and bridged friendship between Egyptians and the Turks. Such was his commitment to bring peace to the warring communities by showing them the love and patience of Christ.

John van Ess, an exceptional preacher, a compassionate friend, and a blessed peacemaker lived his life in obedience to God’s call until his death in 1949.

Beloved, are you living a life of peacemaker?

Take away from the article

“Lord, make me an instrument of peace in this violent and merciless world. Amen!”

Word of Prayer

John van Ess

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