Josepha Franklin

Josepha Franklin biography, was born into a Christian family who served the Lord for two consecutive generations as preachers. She was the granddaughter of the pioneer preacher of America, Benjamin Franklin. With some basic training and experience as a teacher, she arrived in India in 1893. Her sister Stella too joined her in the missionary work in 1895.

Birth: –
Home Calling: –
Native Place: Anderson
Country : United States of America
Place of Vision: India

Josepha was posted at a new mission station in a jungle near Damoh in Maharashtra. As soon as she joined, a terrible famine struck that region that absorbed all her time and strength. She brought home many young boys from among the famine victims and took care of them.

As the famine was easing out, she immediately took charge of the Damoh boy’s school and orphanage.

Josepha Franklin ministry in India

The school had boys from all ages and backgrounds, and Josepha became their spiritual mother. She taught them a regular course of Biblical instruction. Under her able guidance, the students went on to pursue successful careers. Some of them came back to the same school and joined Josepha in teaching the children.

Despite very difficult conditions, Josepha carried out God’s work. She built her own grass huts and sometimes lived in tents in the jungle to be able to preach the Gospel. She also served at the Bible College in Jabalpur, where she was involved in training and preparing future missionaries, preachers, and their wives.

She taught Bible with great authority and it was clear, direct, and concise, with insistence on the action. Her co-workers highly valued her advice and judgment. She emphasized the role of women in building the self-governing and self-supporting churches in India and hence focused on disciplining the Indian women in the Word of God.

After serving the Lord for forty years in India, she retired to her home town where she spent the rest of her lifetime in the service of the local church and its missionary society.

Beloved, are you using your time and strength for God’s service?

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“Lord, give me a clear understanding of the Word of God. Amen!”

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Josepha Franklin

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