Lucile Ford

Lucile Ford biography, Lucile Geneva Ford was born into a religious Christian family. Her father, Fredrick Ford, was a Sunday School superintendent in the local church. When Lucile was born in 1883, her mother, Mary Salina, dedicated her to the Lord’s service. While pursuing her studies, she was always conscious about her goal of becoming a missionary in a foreign land. However, during her graduate studies at Cotner College, Nebraska, she faced severe health issues. Her body was not deemed fit for foreign missions. Hence, she served at a Christian hospital in St. Louis.

Birth: 12-05-1883
Home Calling: 25-05-1973
Native Place: Nebraska
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: India

Any average person would have settled for a well-paid job in their own country. But, Lucile Ford was not an average person. As soon as her health got better, she joined the College of Missions for missionary training.

Later she found an opportunity to serve in India on behalf of the United Christian Missionary Society. She reached India in 1915 and immediately took over the administration of Mahoba girls’ orphanage, accommodating ninety-five girls then.

Within four years, the orphanage was accommodating around 200 girls. The orphanage was a huge family, and Lucile was its sympathetic and loving mother. Lucile also made sure that the girls were getting a proper formal education and also spiritual training.

Lucile Ford ministry in India

Lucile then spent a year serving in Harda and then moved to Kulpahar. Continuing her excellent work from Mahoba, Lucile took charge of a charitable home for women and a training center for girls in Kulpahar. She believed that women were going to be respected only when they became self-sustaining. During the plague epidemic, her orphanage gave shelter to hundreds of townspeople of all castes.

She used that opportunity to teach them that death does not have caste preference and how Jesus gave his life to all human beings irrespective of the caste. Lucile retired in 1948. She continued to be a part of active ministry in a local church in California until her home call in 1973.

Beloved, have you become comfortable in your well-paid job and forgetting the ministerial call?

Word of Prayer

“Lord, help me to be always conscious of the ultimate goal of serving You. Amen!”

Word of Prayer

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