Margaret Stephen Kennedy

Margaret Stephen Kennedy, was one of the first Zenana missionaries in India. The Zenana ministry involved female missionaries taking the Gospel to the Indian women, who were prohibited from appearing in public places and speaking to men.

Birth: 18-01-1814
Home Calling: 23-05-1891
Native Place: Aberdeen
Country : Scotland
Place of Vision: India

Margaret was born in a devoted Christian family and developed an interest in spirituality even before she was thirteen. She loved to spend in her father’s library rich in spiritual books rather than attending church.

She was different from the girls of her age and tried to lead a righteous life. However, a sermon on righteous deeds that she heard in the church changed her life. She immediately knew she was a self-righteous girl and needed God’s grace to be saved. That day she gave her life to Christ.

Margaret Stephen Kennedy ministry in India

On the call of her sister Eliza Anna, a missionary in India, Margaret reached Benares in 1838. Margaret, a woman of fragile body, had difficulty adjusting to the harsh Indian climate. The initial days were spent more resting due to illness than working for God. But the hurdles and illness were no match to the determination of Margaret.

She adapted to local conditions, learned Hindi, and initially ministered among the orphans conducting Sunday School for them. After her marriage to James Kennedy, the family moved to Almora. There she devoted her time to ministering the lepers and earned many of them for Christ.

Margaret’s most important contribution was the Zenana ministry. Although the missionaries were allowed to meet the woman either for medical or educational purposes, Margaret always made the Gospel the purpose of each visit. Despite the dangers of being beaten up and being killed, she made sure that the woman she visited knew who Christ was.

In this way, she earned a Coorgi Princess for Christ. In her old age, Margaret left India in 1877 and went to Edinburg. There she continued to serve the elderly, sick, poor, and finally rested from her labors in 1891.

Beloved, are you free from self-righteousness?

Take away from the article

“Lord, deliver me from the blinding sin of self-righteousness. Amen!”

Word of Prayer

Margaret Stephen Kennedy

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