Mark Daniel Buntain

Mark Daniel Buntain, was a son of a Pentecostal minister in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Raise in a Godly environment, Buntain was fascinated by the missionary stories, and always wanted to become one. While he was working as a radio broadcaster, he felt the Lord calling him to the ministry.


Birth: 26-01-1923
Death: 04-06-1989
Native Place: Winnipeg
Country: Canada
Place of Vision: Kolkata, India

Shortly after he got married to Huldah Monroe, he left his job to work as a pastor in Saskatchewan, Canada. He also served as a missionary evangelist in countries like Taiwan, Sri Lanka,Mark Daniel Buntain the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Japan before coming to India.

Obeying the call of God in their lives, the missionary couple along with their one-year-old daughter came to Kolkata in 1954.

Mark Daniel Buntain ministry in Kolkata, India

They set up a tent in a vacant plot in Kolkata and started telling people about the love of Jesus. One day as Mark was preaching, a man entered the tent and said, “Preacher, feed our bellies and then tell us about a God in heaven.” That incident was a catalyst that motivated Mark to start the ‘Calcutta Mercy’ mission in 1964 to feed, educate and medically assist the poor. As part of the mission, he established the ‘Assembly of God Church School’ in Kolkata which transformed the lives of many poor children. For the sick and injured, Mark built a small clinic which later developed into a multi-specialty Hospital.

For many years, Mark pastored the ‘Assembly of God’ church in Kolkata which became the epicenter for the growth of more than 900 churches in North India. He also used to preach the gospel through broadcast in Hindi, English, and Bengali. Although Mark passed away in 1989 due to illness, Huldah chose to stay back in India and still helps to oversee the ministry they founded. The ‘Calcutta Mercy’ ministry flourished and now operates in 21 countries across the world, serving the poor.

Beloved, are you serving the poor and needy in your neighborhood?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to show mercy and serve with kindness wherever You place me, Amen!”

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