Mary Graybiel

Mary Graybiel, was one of the four young women who, in 1882, sailed to India to preach the Gospel. Mary became interested in missions when, as a small girl, she read the life story of Ann Hasseltine Judson. As she grew, her desire to become a missionary also intensified. One day, while attending a Sunday school institute in Buffalo, Mary found a circular issued by the Christian Woman’s Board of Missions calling for young women to apply for missionary work in India.

Birth: –
Home Calling: 1935
Native Place: New York
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: India

After prayers about that opportunity, she found the leading through the Scripture verse, “Behold I have set before thee an open door.” After being assured of God’s will in her life, she wrote to the Woman’s Board telling of her desire to go.

She landed in Bombay in 1882 and eventually settled in the central part of India. She first started working in Ellichpur, Harda, Mungeli, and eventually Bilaspur.

Mary Graybiel ministry in India

There she began ministering among the women and children in their homes and the market places. She also accompanied Ada Boyd in her itinerating trips to evangelize the nearby villages. While Ada chose women to be the focus of her ministry, Mary chose children.

In 1886, she opened a school for the girls at her own expense and later an orphanage to support these girls. She undertook the construction of the buildings for the school and orphanage in Bilaspur. In 1894, she established another mission station at Mahoba, which had no Christian traces. There, she built an orphanage and saved 800 children from starvation during a terrible famine in the country.

Mary used all her skills for the mission work. She was an architect, a builder, a hard-working leader, a loving sister to many women, and a caring mother for many orphans. She never liked to rest. Instead, she always sought new tasks to accomplish for Christ until she was called to rest eternally in 1935.

Beloved, the doors of the Gospel ministry are set open before you. Are you willing to enter?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to utilize all my talents for Your Kingdom’s sake. Amen!”

Word of Prayer

Mary Graybiel

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