Mary Longdon

Mary Longdon biography, Dr. Mary Longdon was one of the devoted group of missionary women doctors who served in India. She studied in the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania. After her graduation, the experience she gained as a physician there greatly helped Mary in her service in India. Later she took a post-graduate course at the University of Pennsylvania. Upon completing her medical training, Mary offered herself for service in India and sailed in December 1899.

Birth: –
Home Calling: –
Native Place: Pennsylvania
Country : United States of America
Place of Vision: India

She was first stationed at Deogarh, where she remained for nearly twelve years. She was next located in Bilaspur for five years, then in Pendra Road for ten years. During the last few years, she oversaw all the medical work of the Hamirpur District in the United Provinces.

This work included the care of the children and women in the mission homes at Kulpahar. She had to make regular trips to Mahoba and Rath in challenging landscapes and weather conditions. It was an exhausting task.

Mary Longdon ministry in India

The most significant work of Mary was the establishment of the Tuberculosis Sanatorium of Pendra Road, the only institution of its kind in that part of India. It serves both men and women of all religions. Through her courtesy and kind nature, Mary made many friends among the higher-class Indians. Through such friendship, she received the first gift from a Hindu family to build the sanitorium.

Mary put great effort into identifying the suitable location to build the sanitorium and finally chose Pendra road. Later the sanatorium became a Union Christian Institution. The careful planning and faithful service of Mary healed many physically and spiritually. Mary served faithfully for thirty-eight years in India and retired from active service in 1937.

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