Samuel Henry Kellogg

Samuel Henry Kellogg biography, From his childhood, Samuel Kellogg had been a diligent student of the Scriptures. While a student, he published a tract entitled “A Living Christ,” expressing what Christ was to him. He spent most of his time reading the missionary publications, which aroused his thoughts on missionary work as a vocation.

Birth: 06-09-1839
Home Calling: 03-05-1899
Native Place: New York
Country : United States of America
Place of Vision: India

After graduating from Princeton college in 1861, he heard Rev. Henry M. Scudder talking about his missionary experience in India and the extreme need for missionaries there. Touched by Scudder’s testimony, Kellogg committed himself to serve the Indian people.

After being ordained a missionary to India, Kellogg sailed for India along with his wife in 1864. Because of the scarcity of ministers, he was soon left in sole charge of the work of the Farrukhabad Mission, Calcutta.

Samuel Henry Kellogg ministry in India

He mastered the Hindi language and soon started conducting Sunday worship services in Hindi for the local people. Evangelistic work was his priority, and he untiringly preached Gospel in and around the city. However, his illness and the death of his wife forced him to return to America. There he was actively ministered in the Presbyterian Church of Canada and also taught at Theological Seminary in Allegheny.

During this time that he received a call from India to retranslate the Hindi Bible because of his Hindi proficiency and deep scriptural knowledge. He knew he had unfinished business in India and reached Ahmedabad in 1892. He revised the Hindi Bible along with William Hooper and Joseph Arthur Lambert till 1899.

Anticipating that he might have to leave India soon, he traveled to several parts of the country and enthusiastically encouraged the local churches. He preached his last sermon in Mussoorie on the verse “Neither can they die any more” (Luke 20:36). The next week Kellogg went to be with the Lord in peace to live forevermore. Counted by years, his was not a long life, yet marvelously fruitful had that life been.

Beloved, are you completing the ministry that you have been given?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to complete the ministry that I’m responsible for. Amen!”

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