Anni Velala Aaraadhana lyrics

Anni Velala Aaraadhana lyrics, అన్ని వేళల ఆరాధన telugu lyrics, english. There are lot of telugu gospel songs which are sung by Bro. Balraju, He is an amazing gospel singer he hold a unique voice, Ezra sastry and balraj were the two amazing singer in telugu christian music albums those days.

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Anni Velala Aaraadhana
Kanna Thandri Neeke Mahima (2)     ||Anni Velala||

1. Paramandu Seraapulu Eguruchunnaaru
Parishuddhulu Parishuddhudani Pogaduchunnaaru (2)       ||Anni Velala||

2. Ningi Nela Ninnu Goorchi Paaduchunnadi
Samasthamu Manasaaraa Mrokkuchunnadi (2)       ||Anni Velala||

3. Ghanamaina Sangha Vadhuvu Koniyaaduchunnadi
Ghanatha Prabhaavamu Yesunake Chellinchuchunnadi (2)       ||Anni Velala||

అన్ని వేళల ఆరాధన
కన్న తండ్రి నీకే మహిమ (2)
అన్ని వేళల ఆరాధన
కన్న తండ్రి నీకే మహిమ (2)       ||అన్ని వేళల||

1. పరమందు సెరాపులు ఎగురుచున్నారు
పరిశుద్ధులు పరిశుద్ధుడని పొగడుచున్నారు (2)       ||అన్ని వేళల||
నింగి నేల నిన్ను గూర్చి పాడుచున్నది

2. సమస్తము మనసారా మ్రొక్కుచున్నది (2)       ||అన్ని వేళల||
ఘనమైన సంఘ వధువు కొనియాడుచున్నది
ఘనత ప్రభావము యేసునకే చెల్లించుచున్నది (2)       ||అన్ని వేళల||

Kusumala Balraj, gospel singer as been in the ministry singing praises to the Lord since almost 40+ years, any crusade or revival meetings the organizer made sure that he is in the list, that was his craze in those days, ezra sastry were one among them who until now is called as a guest to perform and give praises to the Lord. This generation is falling behind the trendy music rather than the lyrics, so always be careful in choosing any song are they inclined to the word or not for either in church or for personal worship.

His songs are still heard in YouTube which literally holds some meaningful lyrics which are inline to the scriptures, God have been faithful in his ministry through his songs and word he preaches too. IF you are willing to listen to this song, then please subscribe to his official Youtube channel

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Anni Velala Aaraadhana lyrics

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