city of god lyrics

city of god lyrics Song by Dan Schutte and St. Louis Jesuits

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English Lyrics

Awake from your slumber
Arise from your sleep
A new day is dawning
For all those who weep

The people in darkness
Have seen a great light
The lord of our longing
Has conquered the night

Let us build the city of God
May our tears
Be turned into dancing
For the lord
Our light and our love
Has turned the night into day

We are sons of the morning,
We are children of day.
The one who has loved us
Has brightened our way.

The lord of all kindness
Has called us to be
A light for his people
To set their hearts free.

This catholic carol is sung by most of the Christians across the world. This song mainly talks about how God is protecting us and bringing us out from the trails of our enemies, but when we turn towards Him and seek Him. He is our help and refuge he will deliver us !! This song is mainly talks about the body which is just dust, it is making us to remember that beauty is not important as this body will perish. Fear to the Lord who will save your soul.

city of god lyrics

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