Frederick Booth-Tucker

Frederick Booth-Tucker biography, was born in India, where his father William Thornhill Tucker was a Deputy Commissioner in the Indian Civil Service (ICS). Though he was born in a Christian family, deep spiritual conversion occurred only in 1875 during the London campaigns of D. L. Moody and Sankey. After completion of his education in England, Frederick also joined the ICS as an Assistant Commissioner.

Birth: 21-03-1853
Home Calling: 17-07-1929
Birth: India
Homeland: United Kingdom
Place of Vision: Across the World

While employed in ICS, Frederick evangelized among his colleagues and despite being warned by his senior officers preached Indians. He was unsatisfied with the existing missionary activities and progress of Christianity in India.

Upon knowing about the activities of the Salvation Army in London, he went to England to meet William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army.

He faced opposition from his family to leave his high social status and join the Salvation Army. On the other hand, William Booth kept him on wait to see how committed he was. However, this undeterred servant of God finally came to India in 1882 on behalf of the Salvation Army.

Frederick Booth-Tucker ministry across the world

Realizing the caste system in India as the main obstacle, Frederick determined to reach out to the lower caste people. He adopted native customs and music in his ministry. He wore saffron robes, and renamed himself as ‘Fakir Singh’. At the same time, he also tried to keep good relations with upper-class Indians. Frederick’s preaching of equality and salvation won many souls for Christ.

In 1891, due to the ill health of his wife Emma, Booth-Tucker returned to London. Later, they went to America and revitalized the American Salvation Army. In 1907, Booth-Tucker was again appointed to look after the ministry in India and Ceylon. He worked among the criminal tribes of India till his return to England in 1919.

Though in 1924 he retired from his service in the Salvation Army, he continued to conduct campaigns in Europe. He also wrote several songs and books. This tireless man of God, who was instrumental in establishing the Salvation Army in India, went to his heavenly abode in 1929.

Beloved, are you ready to leave the comfortable life to serve your God?

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“Lord, help me to count all things but loss for Your sake. Amen!”

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