Naa Deva Neeke Vandanam lyrics

Naa Deva Neeke Vandanam lyrics నా దేవా నీకే వందనం Telugu christian song. This song is sung by Sister Divya david, music composed by Brother Prabhu Pammi. Sister Divya David is a servant of God and is in His service since years, She share her message, encouraging words among the youngsters to draw them near to Christ.

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నా దేవా నీకే వందనం
నా ప్రభువా స్తుతులూ నీకేనయా (2)
సకలాశీర్వాదముకు కారణభూతుడవు
ఆది సంభూతుడవూ (2)

హల్లెలూయా హల్లెలూయా
హల్లెలూయా హల్లెలూయా (2)

కౌగిటిలో నన్ దాచును
కను రెప్పవలె కాచును (2)     ||హల్లెలూయా||

చింతలన్ని బాపును
బాధలన్ని తీర్చును (2)     ||హల్లెలూయా||

Naa Deva Neeke Vandanam
Naa Prabhuvaa Sthuthulu Neekenayaa (2)
Sakalaasheervadamuku Kaaranabhoothudavu
Aadi Sambhoothudavu (2)

Hallelooyaa Hallelooyaa
Hallelooyaa Hallelooyaa (2)

Kougitilo Nan Daachunu
Kanu Reppa Vale Kaachunu (2)      ||Hallelooyaa||

Chinthalanni Baapunu
Baadhalanni Theerchunu (2)      ||Hallelooyaa||

Prabhu Pammi as released few beautiful albums which are very good and inline biblically. He is the song of madam Lilly Daniel, and brother of Jessy Paul akka, who is the wife of Dr. Raj Prakash Paul anna.

This song is sung by most of the telugu speaking people across the world. This song maily talks about how God is protecting us and bringing us out from the trails of our enemies, but when we turn towards Him and seek Him. He is our help and refuge he will deliver us !! This song is maily talks about the body which is just dust, it is making us to remember that beauty is not important as this body will perish. Fear to the Lord who will save your soul.

Naa Deva Neeke Vandanam lyrics

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