Nannu Kaadanavani lyrics

Nannu Kaadanavani lyrics, telugu lyrics, english lyrics. This song is sung by Dr. P. Satish kumar garu from his album “Nee chithame chalunayya”, he is the founder and pastor of calvary temple ministries. which is the largest gathering church in India, and this huge church was constructed in just 52 days.

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నన్ను కాదనవని – నను కాదనలేవని
నీ చెంతకు నే చేరినా (2)
నీ ప్రేమే చాలని – నిను ప్రేమించాలని
నీ మనసే నే కోరినా (2)          ||నన్ను||

లోకాన్ని చూసి నే – పాపాన్ని చేసి నే
అలసి నీ చెంత చేరినా (2)
సాతానుకు దొరికిన – లోకానికి లొంగిన
నీవే నా దిక్కని ఎంచినా – (2)          ||నన్ను||

లాభాన్నాశించి నే – లోపాలు చేసి నే
సొలసి నీ శరణు కోరినా (2)
శోధనలు లొంగిన – వంచనలకు ఒరిగిన
నీవే ఆధారమని యెంచినా – (2)          ||నన్ను||

Lyricist: P Satish Kumar

Nannu Kaadanavani – Nanu Kaadanalevani
Nee Chenthaku Ne Cherinaa (2)
Nee Preme Chaalani – Ninu Preminchaalani
Nee Manase Ne Korinaa (2)          ||Nannu||

Lokaanni Choosi Ne – Paapaanni Chesi Ne
Alasi Nee Chentha Cherinaa (2)
Saathaanuku Dorikina – Lokaaniki Longinaa
Neeve Naa Dikkani Enchinaa – (2)          ||Nannu||

Laabhaannaashinchi Ne – Lopaalu Chesi Ne
Solasi Nee Sharanu Korinaa (2)
Shodhanalaku Longina – Vanchanalaku Vorigina
Neeve Aadhaaramani Yenchinaa – (2)          ||Nannu||

Calvary Temple was founded by Dr. Satish Kumar in 2005 with 25 members and the church membership has since grown up to 250,000 as of 2019. In 2020, the Church had 330,000 people and 8 places of worship. The development area encompasses 292 acres (almost 13 million square feet!). The complex land plan involved situating the 20 acre church facility at the heart of a thriving mixed-use development.

Dr. P. Satish Kumar is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Calvary Temple in Hyderabad, India, which is the fastest growing and third largest church in the world with more than 130,000 members in just ten years. Over the course of 25 years, he has preached the Gospel to more than 15 million people face-to-face through his Gospel festivals. Every month, he preaches on more than 300 television programs.

Dr. Kumar has received the National Integrity Award and Mother Teresa Award. In addition to being the youngest pastor of one of the world’s largest churches, he is the author of 18 books.

Nannu Kaadanavani

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