Sue Robinson

Sue Robinson biography, went out to India in 1888 from Louisville, Kentucky. She worked as a teacher among the Chinese people settled in St. Louis and was also active in the church. In India, Robinson was assigned to Harda, where the duties were so overwhelming that she had to set aside language learning. Initially, she served in the girls’ school, teaching sewing classes until she could speak Hindi well enough to handle other subjects. She also taught in Sunday schools.

Home calling:
Native Place: United States of America
Place of Vision: India

Soon she was able to take over the supervision of the girls’ school. It had always been her great desire that the people of India should understand the importance of education and derive benefits from it. In school, she made Bible classes a part of each day’s program.

This angered some of the Hindu parents who withdrew their daughters from the school. During the severe famine in the early 1890s, Robinson went to Mahoba to assist with famine relief work. Instead of taking up the assigned vacation, she spent the hot season of 1892 in this emergency service.

Sue Robinson ministry in India

Given her frail health, she was completely drained of her energy, and she herself needed some rest. So, she went to the hills for rest and recuperation. But then the cholera epidemic struck the Harda region. Concerned for the welfare of her beloved girls, she immediately started back to Harda before completely recovering. While looking after the Cholera patients, she contracted the disease and finally went to be with the Lord.

Sue Robinson was the first of missionaries of the ‘Disciples of Christ’ organization to die in India. She died at the mission station just as she wanted it to be. From childhood, she had wanted to be a missionary, and when someone discouraged her, referring to her frail health, she used to say that she would rather give her life in service in a far land than never to go at all.

Beloved, are you willing to go to the far lands leaving the comforts of your homeland?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to love you and the ministry more than my physical comforts. Amen!”

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