Yese Daivamu Lyrics

Yese Daivamu lyrics, chords, యేసే దైవము telugu lyrics, English lyrics. This is a quite famous song for all the telugu speaking christian across the world. This song is usually sung in most of the events like thanksgiving meetings, weddings, etc. which literally means “Our God is for ever and ever living God !!”

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Telugu Lyrics

Yese Daivamu – Yese Jeevamu
Naa Kreesthe Sarvamu – Nithya Jeevamu (2)

Mahimaa Neeke Ghanathaa Neeke
Ninne Poojinchi Ne Aaraadhinthunu
Yesayyaa Naa Yesayyaa
Yesayyaa Naa Yesayyaa (3)      ||Yese||

యేసే దైవము – యేసే జీవము
నా క్రీస్తే సర్వము – నిత్య జీవము (2)
మహిమా నీకే ఘనతా నీకే
నిన్నే పూజించి నే ఆరాధింతును

యేసయ్యా నా యేసయ్యా
యేసయ్యా నా యేసయ్యా (3)       ||యేసే||

Yese Daivamu – Yese Jeevamu
Naa Kreesthe Sarvamu – Nithya Jeevamu (2)
Am F
Mahima Neeke – Ghanatha Neeke
Ninne Pujinchi – Ne Aradhinthunu

Am F
Yesayya – Naa Yesayya
Yesayya – Naa Yesayya (3)
Strumming: D D U D U D U D U D U

This song is composed and sung by the team “Sounds of the Nations” worship band, sung by Allen ganta, drums by Joel Joseph, Lead by Benhur Ben, Keys by Anand paul, etc. The lyrics is inlined with the word of God and perfect decent music drawed people close to the Lord, until this day people listen to it and gloryfy the Lord.

Yese Daivamu lyrics

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