Devasahayam Pillai

Devasahayam Pillai, whose original name was Neelakanda Pillai, was born into a Hindu upper-caste family in Nattalam(Kanyakumari district). His father was a priest in a hindu temple, and his maternal uncle raised him under strict Hindu beliefs and traditions. He grew up to become a member of royal service at the palace of Maharaja Marthanda Varma, the King of Travancore. Here he became well acquainted with Eustachius De Lannoy, a Dutch naval commander.

Birth : 23.04.1712
Death : 14.01.1752
City : Nattalam
Country : India
Place of Vision : India(Tamil Nadu)

De Lannoy led him to the path of salvation and explained to him about the one true God. When Neelakanda was going through severe financial distress De Lannoy strengthened him by sharing with him the faith of Job from the Bible.

Being touched by the lives of such Godly men in the Bible, Neelakanda accepted Christ as his personal savior and found peace.

Devasahayam pillai ministry in Nattalam

He received the baptism in 1745 and was remaned ‘Lazarus’ (which means ‘God’s help’ for Devasahayam in Tamil). From then on, he dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel among the Hindu communities. Many gentiles, including some of his family members, accepte Christ as their personal savior through his ministry. He also preformed many miracles with the power of God.

His conversion and ministry however antagonized the upper-caste Hindus. The King commande Devasahayam to reconvert to Hindusim, to which he refused. As a result, he was falsely accused of treason and espionage. He spent the next three years of his life in a prison where he was tortured and treated like a criminal. he was made to sit backward on a buffalo and was marched through populated areas to be humiliated for having accepted Christ.

Despite the sufferings and humiliations, he stood firm in his faith. It is said that, after he served his imprisonment, he was let off intoa forest where he was shot dead by the soldiers. Devasahayam Pillai

Beloved, have your family members and relatives accepte Christ through your testimony?

Take Away from the Article

Lord, make me a living testimony among my friends and relatives. Amen!

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