James the Just

James the Just, also called James Adelphos, In the Bible, three people stood as pillars of the early Church in Jerusalem. James was one of them besides Apostles Peter and John. Although James was mentioned as one of the brothers of Lord Jesus Christ in the Bible, he did not believe Jesus as the Son of God during His life on the earth. He was a natural brother of the Lord Jesus, the first born to Joseph and Mary after the birth of Jesus.

Birth : Early 1st century
Death : ~ 62 AD
Country : present Israel
Place of Vision : Jerusalem, Judea

However, after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, he believed and surrendered his life to serve Him. He was one among them to whom Jesus appeared after His resurrection.

James was also called an Apostle though he was not among the original twelve Apostles. His commitment was to minister among Jews. He was a prominent figure in the early Church and played a key role in the Council of Jerusalem.

James the Just ministry in Jerusalem, Judea

When the confusion arose in the Church of Antioch regarding the practice of circumcision and other Mosaic laws by the gentile Christians, James patiently listened to everyone’s views, stated his opinion, and amicably solved the issue. His answer demonstrated his knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures, his discernment, his desire for peace within the church, and strong, impartial leadership.

Accordingly, a letter was written to the gentile Christians exhorting the believers to not burden themselves with rituals and instructing them to abstain from being a part of anything related to idol worship and fornication.

James is considered as the most likely author of the epistle of James in the Bible. This epistle urges the believers to manifest their faith in their daily lives by seeking heavenly wisdom, abandoning worldly pleasures, and being considerate towards the poor.

His immense prayer life made his knees so hardened that he earned the name ‘Old Camel Knees.’The one who acquired the name ‘James the Just’ for his outstanding virtue, died for His Lord as a martyr.

Beloved, how is your knowledge and understanding of the Word of God?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to be deeply rooted in prayer and Your Word that I may strive for peace in Your Church. Amen!”

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