John de Britto

John de Britto, Many missionaries left their country to serve the Lord. But only a few left not only their homeland but also their family, culture, food habits, and attire and adapted themselves to the foreign land where they were serving. They did it not because of being attracted to something new, but to attract many towards the Saviour of the world.

Birth : 01-03-1647
Home Calling : 04-02- 1693
Native Place : Lisbon
Country : Portugal
Place of Vision : India

Being born in a noble family, John de Britto could have had a bright future in the Royal court, but his heart was not after the glory of this world. At an early age, the life of Francis Xavier made a deep impression on him, which might have directed his steps to choose the path of a missionary.

When he was 15, he joined the “Society of Jesus”.Though he started teaching at St. Antony’s College after his studies, his plans to serve as a missionary in India were undergoing.

John de Britto ministry in India

His mother, who lost her husband very early, tried every possible way to stop him. But nothing could hold him back. Arriving at Goa in 1673, after studying local languages, he set out on foot to Madura through difficult mountains and jungles. But greater obstacle was awaiting him–India’s caste system! To penetrate it, he put on the saffron robe, turban, and wooden sandals, became a strict vegan, and changed his name to ‘Arul Anandar’.

Portraying as a ‘Sanyaasi’ with an ascetic life, he could win the souls of the upper caste. But he never neglected the lower caste and served among Pariahs too. Sufferings rose along with fruitful ministry. After immense persecution, he had to leave India.

After around two years of stay in Lisbon, in 1690 once again he was on the way to his beloved country. And this time he was never going back again. The king of Ramnad (Ramanathapuram) captured him and ordered to behead him. The one, who was called ‘the Portuguese St. Francis Xavier’ by Indians, sacrificed his life for them, A True martyr of Christ. John de Britto

Beloved, what have you sacrificed for your Lord?

Take away from the article

“Lord, give me Your grace to consider all things but loss and to press toward the mark of Your high calling. Amen!”

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