Lawrence of Rome

Lawrence of Rome, Lawrence was one of the seven deacons of the early Roman church who is celebrated for his Christian valor. Though very little is known about his life, he is one of those martyrs who made a deep and lasting impression on the early church.

Birth: 31-12-225AD
Death: 10-08-258AD
Native Place: Aragon
Country: Spain
Place of Vision: Rome

Lawrence went to Zaragoza to study theology, where he first encountered the future Pope Sixtus II. Thereafter he moved to Rome where he was appointed as one of the deacons of the Roman church.

Lawrence was remarkable in the subtlety of mind and intelligence and was responsible for maintaining the treasury and the riches of the church.

Lawrence ministry in Rome

Lawrence lived under the persecution of Emperor Valerian. At the beginning of 258 AD, Valerian issued an edict that all bishops, priests, and deacons be put to death. Pope Sixtus II was one of the first victims of this persecution who was beheaded. Further, the Roman authorities had introduced a norm according to which the goods and wealth of the Christians who were denounced and executed should be confiscated and added to the Imperial treasury

So, the Roman authorities demanded that Lawrence turn over the riches of the church by quoting the Word of God which says, ‘render to Caesar what is his.’ Lawrence agreed and asked for three days to put everything in order and prepare an inventory.

He worked swiftly to distribute as much church property as possible to the poor to prevent it from being seized by the Roman authorities. When asked by the authorities to surrender the treasure of the church, he presented the poor, crippled, and the suffering, declaring them to be the treasures of the church.

Enraged by this act of defiance, Lawrence was imprisoned at San Lorenzo in Miranda. There he led fellow prisoners to Christ and baptized them. It is said that he attained the glory of martyrdom by either being beheaded or roasted to death on a gridiron.

Beloved, how faithful are you in managing the earthly riches for God?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to faithfully manage my possessions for your glory. Amen!”

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