Saint Cyprian

Saint Cyprian, Cyprian or Thascius Caecilianus Cyprianus was born into a wealthy pagan family in Roman Africa. He was one of the brilliant minds of the legal fraternity in Carthage and held an honorable position as a teacher and administrator. However, he misspent his youth and struggled for inner peace.

Birth: ~ 200-210
Death: 14-09-258
Native Place: Carthage, Roman Empire
Place of Vision: Carthage, Roman Empire

He sought a priest’s help, who led him to Christ and eventually the path of salvation. After his baptism, he sold all his property and gave it away to the poor, and took up the life of chastity.

Within two years of his conversion, Cyprian, with immense scriptural knowledge and excellent oratory skills, was ordained a priest and then anointed as the Bishop of Carthage.

Saint Cyprian Martyred for Christ

He became popular in the church and a favorite of the poor, which led to the church and society’s spiritual flourishment. He was a strong professor of unity within and among the churches and bishops. He developed a constitutional theory of the church for the correction, edification, and unification of different churches.

When the Christians were persecuted during Emperor Decius’s reign, Cyprian chose to go into hiding and guide his flock covertly rather than seek the glorious crown of martyrdom. However, persecution again broke out under Emperor Valerian, during which Cyprian was forced to sacrifice to the pagan deities.

He refused to do so and firmly professed Christ to be the only savior, which led to his banishment to Curubis. From there, to the best of his ability, he tried to comfort the believers through letters. He urged the church to remain united, hopeful, and long-suffering in the face of persecution.

After denying another chance of sacrificing to the Roman deities, he was ordered to be beheaded. As Cyprian, with the utmost calmness, knelt to pray, the executioner’s sword flung his head down.

Beloved, are you comforting your brethren during times of distress?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to remain hopeful in times of distress and be a vessel worthy to comfort my brethren. Amen!”

Word of Prayer

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