Arthur Margoschis biography

Arthur Margoschis biography, Benjamin Henry arthur Mragoschis was a protestant missionary to India on behalf of the Society for the propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts(SPG). While he was pursuing the final year of his medical degree. he heard Robert Caidwell speaking about the urgent need of young men to serve in India. When his family and friends advised him not to hurry and first complete his degree, he said “This is not a job that I can do according to my own convenience.”

Birth :
Death : 27.04.1908
Native Place : Leamington, England
Place of Vision : India

Arthur arrived in Tamil nadu in 1875 and stayed with Caldwell afor some time mastering Tamil. He was then sent to Nazareth, a small hamlet in the district of Tirunelveli, in 1876.

Arthur plunged into his missionary work with great enthusiam and relised the need to d oa alleviate the suffering of the helpless and the poverty-stricken people. Soon, he launched a full-scale gospel campaingn in and around Nazareth, that brought many people to Christ.

Arthur Margoschis ministry in India

His medical services in that region were invaluable. Especially, when the deadly Cholera was ravaging the city in 1902, he untiringly rode on a horse to vivit people medical assistance. he gelt the need to comfort the grieving people and remove their fear and conducted communion service almost every day to comfort the people.

Nazareth, a backward and unrecognized hamlet became a developed place with all facilities to his pioneering work. His efforts in establishing Hospitals, educational facilities, orphanages and other vital infrastructures in Nazareth changed the social status of the local people. In all these efforts, the spiritual growth of his people remained of paramount importance of him.

The theological seminary established by him in 1890 grew from strength to strength that raised many men of God. Arthur set an example for other missionaries to follow by not just being a missionary but also a doctor, an educationist, a friend, and a guide to the people he served.

Beloved, are you serving God according to the need or your convenience?

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Lord, Help me to leave my convenience and comfort to serve you. Amen !

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Arthur Margoschis biography

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