Charles Theophilus Ewald Rhenius

Charles Theophilus Ewald Rhenius, C T E Rhenius (Charles Theophilus Ewald Rhenius), In the year 1832, cholera was prevalent in Tirunelveli, causing many deaths. There were no medical facilities and doctors to help, which created even more panic among the people. Rev. Rhenius worked hard to administer medicines to the sick and distribute pamphelts to create awareness among the people. he was able to pull several people out of the clutches of death.

Birth: 05.11.1790
Death: 05.06.1838
Country: Germany
Vision: India

Born in Germany Rhenius was trained as a missionary to be sent as the first Church Missionary Society (CMS) missionary to Madras. There he learned Tamil and revised the Fabricius version of the Tamil Bible.

He also published a new Englaish translation of the New testament for the easy understanding of the Indian people. Many Theological schools, the German Good News Society, the Biblical Tract Society, and the Peace Society are the results of his efforts.

Ministry of Rhenius:
He had a burden for village ministry and reached Tirunelveli in 1820. There was no village in Tirunelveli and adjoining districts in which he did not set his foot for proclaiming the gospel. Schools were established for the learning of girls and women. He severely condemned the caste differences worked tirelessly towards equality in society. Tiruneveli experienced a tremendous social transformation.

The dedicated ministry of Rev. Rhenius gained public recognition leading to the establishment of 400 churches in Tamil nadu. This angered the upper caste Hindu landlords. Severe trails of persecutions and brutal assaults were made on him and the Christian settlements.

Nevertheless, Rev, Rhenius hardly cared about the difficulties and continued to serve God. The needle pinnacle of Palayamokottai and the schools he established proclaim the fruits of Rev. Rhenius ministry. hence he is aptly called ‘the Apostle of Tiruneveli’. Charles Theophilus Ewald Rhenius

Beloved, what is your gift to this world in Christ’s ministry? Do you believe that God will go mighty deeds through you?

Take away

Lord, grant me , the strength to work as enthusiastically as Re. Rhenius. Amen!

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Charles Theophilus Ewald Rhenius

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