George Uglow Pope

George Uglow Pope, was an Angilican Christian missionary from Canada. His father was a tradesman who gave up rading to become a missionary in Nova Scotia, Canada. The family later moved to England in 1826. George studied at the Wesleyan scholls in Bury and Hoxton.

Birth : 24-04-1820
Death : 11-02-1908
Native Place : Prince edward Island
Country : Canada
Place of Vision : South India

While he was yet very yound, he heard a missionary spoke about the ministry among the Tamilians in Madras. He started learning Tamil Straightaway, He was just 19 years old he joined the Wesleyan Mission in Madras in 1839.

in 1841, George Joined the Society for the Propagtion of the Gospel(SPG) and was posted at Sawyerpuram(Tutocorin District).

George Uglow Pope ministry in South India

In 1844, he was ordained as a priest and later became the regional superintendent of the mission. His energy and love to carry the gospel knew no bounds and yielded great results. He established a seminary there to train the young missionaries and the clergy. He also ministered in the Tirunelveli region.

After the death of his wife in 1845, he served for some time in Madras and then went to England for a brief period. Returning to India in 1851. he took the charge of S.PG.’s work at Tanjore. However when his health started failing. he resigned his connection with S.P.G. and concentrated on establishing schools in Sawyerpuram, ootacamund and banglore.

He was an ideal techer and disciplinarian. he is credited for introducing systematic teaching methods in the indian education system. he also translated several inportant Tamil classics into English whici include Tirukkral and Thiruvasagam. he went back to England in 1881 where he continued to teach the students in a college in oxford. George who was fondly called as ‘Pope Aiyer'(a courtesy nick name) went to be with the Lord at a ripe old age of 88.

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