Martha Mault

Martha Mault biography, Pulappedi was a wicked custom prevailing in ancient Kerala. When low caste men happen to just see the woman of higher caste, that lady will be abandoned socially. The community considered her to be defiled, and she would be either sold or be killed with impunity by her own family. Almost all of these women ended up being beggars or slaves. To such women, Martha Mault became a mother.

Birth : 1794
Home calling : 1870
Native Place : Huntingdonshire
Country : England
Place of Vision : South India

Martha Mault was an English missionary who is remembered today as ‘The Mother of Female education and liberation in South India.’ At the age of 24, she married Charles Mault who was ordained by the London Missionary Society to minister in India.

Within a week of their marriage, the couple set out on a long sea journey of five months and arrived in India in 1818. After spending some time learning the language they finally began ministering in Nagercoil in the Kanyakumari district. Martha with great tolerance and missionary magnanimity adjusted herself to the hot Indian tropical climate.

Martha Mault ministry in South India

She was moved by the deplorable lives led by the outcast woman. Along with her husband she immediately took up the monumental task of providing education, training, and encouragement to these outcast women. In 1820, she established the first Girl’s Boarding School in South India, where the outcast girls were taught to read and write. They were also trained in lace-making to help them gain financial independence and respect. The money they earned was used to purchase their freedom from slavery.

In the next 35 years of her ministry, she was able to establish 26 more village schools for girls. Thus lace-making became a major industry in this region which continues even today. Martha also trained several of her students to distribute the tracts and preach the Gospel. This led to the percolation of Christianity to the interiors of Kerala.

After 35 years of exemplary ministry, Martha returned to England in 1853. There she continued to encourage others for the ministry till her heavenly call in 1870.

Beloved, as a Christian, what is your contribution to the betterment of society?

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Lord, help me to lead a truly Christian life and bring a difference in society. Amen!

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